Revised plans for Deptford Creek tower at Sun Wharf

New plans have been submitted revising last year’s application for a tower at Deptford Creek on the Sun Wharf site.

Bellway and Peabody are behind revisions which see the tower element extended to 19-floors (from 17) and an increase in flats to 235 (from 233) and an increase in commercial space.

Earlier plans

Bellway recently completed the adjacent Kent Wharf. A creekside path is due to extend along both sites.

New and old. Click to enlarge

Long-term local company Jones will vacate the site of Sun Wharf.

Kent Wharf completed last year – dead street frontage. Car dominated street

Changes to the 2018 plan include “greater separation distances between the neighbouring Kent Wharf buildings” alongside the increas ein height, more flats and shop space.

The transport statement is amusing (as usual). Apparently there is a “New Cross over ground tube station”.

2018 plans

It also highlights flaws in public transport accessibility measures using PTAL. Parts here actually get the lowest level of zero. In reality it’s a short walk to the DLR, Southeastern and bus routes.

PTAL is often very simplistic and doesn’t account for realities on the ground. I covered a Greenwich development last week that didn’t take into account very poor walking links to the nearest station in the PTAL rating.

Deptford station is a 5 minute walk

A development that will eventually be expected to house 500+ people is expected to only have “41 two-way rail, underground and light rail related movements during the morning peak period and 38 two-way daily movements during the evening
peak period.” Realistic?

Greenwich station is close using Ha’Penny Hatch

It’s a car-free development too.

The distance to both Greenwich and Deptford stations seemed rather high so I popped it into Google Maps. The walking distances are actually around two-thirds less than the planning statement.

Click here to see revised plans.


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    • Do you know what’s happening on the opposite side of the river with the Crossfields Street development? Nearly a year on since work started there’s not a lot to look at, other than what appears to be a couple of large circular storage silos and some other industrial looking buildings. I thought this site was going to be a residential one?


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