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Housing plan to rear of Greenwich’s North Pole pub

Plans have been submitted to build flats on a plot behind the North Pole pub in Greenwich on Norman Road.

Previous plans, covered here, saw a hotel on site. The owners have ditched that idea and gone for housing.


The hotel would probably have gone down less well locally I suspect, architecturally speaking, than revised plans.

Previous plan

There will be be 14 flats (6×1-bed, 7×2-bed and 1×3-bed) within a five storey building and a restaurant at ground floor level if plans approved.

Looking at the site

The building on the right in the above photo is also due for demolition. Last time I walked past hoarding surrounded it for imminent demolition.

In place with be another housing development approved in August 2017:

North Pole pub on the right

A few metres north and another tower block was approved in January this year comprising 145 homes.

Approved this year

It can’t be too long until almost the entire road is lined with new builds.

Click here to view and comment on the council’s planning portal.


  1. Andrew Holliman

    Ironically when the North Pole was granted a late license the council didn’t deem it to be in a residential area.

  2. CDT

    On reflection I believe the new flats and restaurant will be a better use of this site behind the North Pole pub rather than an hotel. As a new hotel is due to be built on Blackheath Hill at the site of the old magistrates court building if my memory serves me right ?

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