Direct seaside train from Woolwich line returns in July

Last year I covered the somewhat unknown direct train that runs from the Greenwich and Woolwich line direct to Whitstable, Margate and Ramsgate over the summer.


The good news is that it appears to be back and begins on Monday July 22nd in time for the summer holidays until 30th August, and now stops at more stations in south east London.

JULY 22nd UPDATE: The first train ran this morning and timings and station stops can be seen here

Seaside express (sort of)

Last year the service ran semi-fast and skipped some stations on a weekday but now will call at stations such as Plumstead and Erith.

Abbey Wood to Whitstable, for example, will take 1 hour and 23 minutes. For some it may be preferable to take other options and change as staying on a Networker without air con for so long isn’t the best on a hot day, but for those who dislike changing the direct train will appeal.


Southeastern run promotions most summers so keep an eye out. In previous years I’ve got to Margate for £10 return one year and £20 the next (without a railcard which could push it down further) and kids are a quid extra.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    13 thoughts on “Direct seaside train from Woolwich line returns in July

    • I’ve not been to Margate since 1988 when Bembom Brothers was still about. What’s there to do for a chap in his mid 50s who enjoys a little local history and culture? I’d rather like to revisit it

      • Margate is much improved. As has been said there is a very nice gallery now and some decent food and drinking places. As far as Bembom brothers is concerned(Dreamland) that was re-opened a couple years ago, with the Scenic Railway being refurbished and has loads of events on during the year and is starting to do very well again.

    • It has a Tate gallery, lots of nice pubs and some decent shops. A lot better than a decade ago

      • Not a Tate but Turner Contemporary which is great and right on the sea front at a location where Turner used to stay in a guest house.

    • It is good to know the direct trains to the Kent Coast will be running again this summer. This will allow people to visit the coast who may normally not get a chance to go. Having a direct train will also make it easier for people with reduced mobility or parents with small children and buggies who would find it difficult to change trains.

    • I took the family there last summer as I knew about the train service and we had an entire carriage to ourselves from Slade Green to Broadstairs.

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    • Are these the same fares for over 60’s oyster card holders & secondly do contactless payers get discounts

    • I can’t seem to find any info on where to find these trains and times can you show me where I can find the times etc. The links from last year don’t seem to work. Thanks!

      • Hi I’ve updated the page

        • When you search on South Easterns own website they as say to change at Gravesend. Is the trick just to turn up on the platform at the right time?

          Was so excited when I saw your post about this earlier in the year.

          • It runs – check journey planners. The above page now shows a link to real time trains. Change the date to, say next Tuesday, and it should appear running at the same time


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