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Lewisham library move is off…for now

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Investigation work carried out into moving Lewisham library from its current site has shown the idea to be unviable at the current time and the library will be staying put for now.

The existing library opened in the 1990s in a former BT building. Only around half the floor space is used.

Mixed-use plan

Lewisham Council have been looking at alternatives including rebuilding on site with 31 homes above a new library or moving into Lewisham Shopping Centre when Land Securities rebuild the centre.

A report concludes that rebuilding with flats would not recoup enough money and a shopping centre redevelopment is too far in the distance so spending on the existing building will be undertaken whilst options are kept open for the future.

Another option, which gains just one sentence, is to include a new library within the Catford centre redevelopment program.

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  1. anonymous201486

    The current Lewisham library is a dismal building. The only escalator is currently out of action with no indication of when it will be fixed, and the lift is so slow that I can puff my way to the second floor long before it responds to the call.

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