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Woolwich’s Hop Stuff brewery in trouble?

A not very contemporary view of Hop Stuff taproom

Social media reports and news in The Times today appear to show problems with Hop Stuff brewery in Woolwich.

The crowd-funded brewery, with three pubs in Woolwich, Deptford and Tunbridge Wells, has seen a petition to wind up notice placed on their Woolwich brewery site.

The brewery have responded to say they have issues with their landlord.  The pubs appear to still be operating.

Thousands of people supported the company through crowd funding in recent years. They offer some very good beers in great surroundings so hopefully this is a blip.

After the Woolwich tap room opened on the Arsenal site beside Tesco Metro they opened their second venture at a site near Deptford station in late 2017.

Plans for a pub at River Gardens were blocked

Attempts to open by the river in Greenwich were scuppered when refusal was given due to noise concerns.

Hop Stuff have been contacted for comment.


  1. Teflon John

    Lack of communication from Hop Stuff, especially to shareholders, is fuelling this situation. Not sure how the staff are getting on?

  2. Paul SuperUnknown

    Typical Woolwich BS! Anytime, Anything makes a stir, and puts a good vibe in the town, it gets holed with a broadside!
    I thought things were starting to look up around here, but obviously I’ll have to keep saying, “I live in Greenwich”, as I’m too ashamed to call Woolwich my home! Backwards, ignorant, slum!

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