A big thanks to all site supporters

A big thanks to all site supporters

Hi all just a quick post to thank everyone who supports the site through one off donations (some of the donations were extremely generous) or became Patrons after an appeal over Easter.

There’s a number of ways readers can help. One is to become a regular Patron. I’m now up to 100 partons which is pretty amazing. When I signed up I was reluctant to do so as I thought I’d get about six at best.

I also have a Ko-Fi page where people can donate and have recently set up a Paypal direct payment page which is very easy to use.

Also I owe a massive thanks to Darryl at 853 who inspired me to start this site years ago in my spare time as well as alerted me to how Patreon, Ko-Fi and PayPal donations work. He has a Patreon page here.


I run the site myself and pay all hosting and ongoing fees. If you want to help, you can make a one off donation or become a regular supporter here

You can also contribute via my Patreon account by clicking here

Murky Depths

2 thoughts on “A big thanks to all site supporters

  1. It’s a pleasure. The blog is always an interesting read, although I wish you hadn’t gone down the crime reporting route.

  2. Your more than welcome Murky. Very interesting site full of detailed information. Your one of best,

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