McDonalds to reopen Woolwich, Plumstead and all other drive-through sites next week

McDonalds have revealed they will open all drive-through sites between Tuesday and Thursday 4th June.

Trials runs of site opening begun recently.

Extra traffic can be expected at sites such as Erith, Thamesmead and Plumstead.

Customer spends will be capped at £25 and a limited menu will be in operation.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    14 thoughts on “McDonalds to reopen Woolwich, Plumstead and all other drive-through sites next week

    • Really happy to hear that, have so missed the half empty boxes thrown out of the cars strewn all over the pavements and kerbs locally (as in…outside my house too!) Glad fast food is getting a priority treatment over healthier outlets…nice precedent to set Boris (who could do with a little less weight too and maybe then wouldn’t have taken up a precious bed in ICU?). I guess someone has to keep paying RBG rates to keep our services running. Shame its them. IMHO. No doubt I’ll have my critics, but like Mr Cummings, guess I’ll just ignore them?

      • Nice try but food shops have been allowed to open throughout all this (for take aways). It was McDonalds’ decision to close their outlets, not the government’s. If you want to dine more healthily there are plenty of places open for take away only.

        • haha knew i’d have my critics Chris! There’s a big fan base out there for McD. Actually they closed because Government guidelines for safe distancing for staff were difficult to follow with their particular design. Suspect also a financial decision, as they have a huge wage bill with far fewer customers to serve. But my main point stands (sorry!) which is if healthier outlets have been available for take away all the time, why is there such little food litter in our roads? Even without a road sweeper, for they are only covering main roads and have been since the start of lockdown here. It does seem to be the drive throughs that are the main problem. What do so many drivers do when they’ve finished their fast food feast, leave it in the car for the Mrs to clear? Go looking for the nearest recycling bin and park before a warden sees them? stuff it in the glove box for now? Or throw it in the road? Take a cycle along the roads or cycle paths leading to the McD drive through off Bugsby’s Way. Not a pretty sight. I’m sure you recycle yours though Chris so nothing personal mate! Enjoy it.

          • I don’t eat the stuff. Go in there for a coffee occasionally and that’s it.

            The thing is you said that they got priority treatment over healthier food outlets. That is what I was aiming at. Priority treatment from who? One assumes the government which was my point, the government didn’t close them and has not prioritised their re-opening.

            I fully agree that there is a moronic element that uses the places but how can you blame McDonalds for that?

            • yes Chris, point taken mate and accepted, wasn’t my main point really but i have limited knowledge on whats actually happening out there and why like most of us. And guess i can’t blame Mc.D’s for their custom, I suppose it’s the whole idea of fast convenience food culture exemplified by them. There are positives but imho far outweighed by all the negatives, least of all the cost to our health service, and Mc.D only act to change when ‘encouraged’ by their market. Everybody who never or rarely uses them are expected to suffer the negs gracefully. Guess grace isn’t a strong point of mine. (coffee is vfm i guess!) Have a good day mate.

    • I came upon an open Subway’s today, but I can’t remember where. I think some shops and businesses are sneaking back ahead of 15 June. I have also noticed driving instructors are back on the road and the hand car wash near me re-opened last week.

    • Credit McDonald’s for taking a bold action and helping cut the spread in the early days. I imagine they will have claimed what they could but it wouldn’t even begin to cover what they lost in the last few weeks.

      It compares favourably with a lot of smaller places – the coffee shop across from me took a fortnight holiday (a literal one as they unwisely boasted) then used the leftover money to refurbished the place. A lot of independent supermarkets and takeaways took the money but stayed open throughout. The places that encouraged rule-flaunting (I’m looking at Belle Epoque in Islington) I’ll avoid and no longer offer my custom. But McDonald’s did the right thing, and with their fortune they could easily have moved to delivery or takeaway only. Won’t begrudge them until the first Happy Meal box appears in the gutter

      • that won’t be long in Greenwich Charles haha, but interesting post, plenty flaunted the rules (unlike Cummings who BROKE them!) but keeping an ‘indie’ afloat is tough as i well know and hand outs helped many small businesses survive so far with a much reduced income from takeaway. spending on a holiday! Brave people admitting it too to customers when so many people are suffering. But running a small business often means you rarely get the time for or can even afford to take a holiday (but they don’t look for sympathy it’s their choice!), so I don’t begrudge them. I don’t need another post to say when the first fast food box appears outside ours, it already has, but to be fair it was not Mc.D’s, it was a KFC complete with chick bones, a company now responsible for the most noise around here (scooter deliveries) and pollutants (scooter deliveries!) and litter. Guys in crash helmets in a regular queue on the pavement outside. Jesus, how can ‘fast food eaters’ ever get remotely fit when they cannot even walk to pick up a takeaway!? Have a nice day Charles.

    • I personally haven’t had a McDonald’s in nearly 8 years, but I don’t understand why people are having a go at them for the litter.
      Surely it’s those who do not dispose of their litter who should have the anger directed at?

      • I think it’s both HK. Mc.D as with other fast food outlets rarely do enough to remove litter from around their premises, or to ‘inform’ litterbugs about the penalties and unpleasantness for the environment. But you’re quite right there’s always been a duty on people to comply too, and on councils to provide sufficient bins and empty them and road sweep. A big problem is that unlike other Eurozone countries we no longer actually clean/wash pavements, just sweep at best and ‘litter pick only’ more often. This means fast food containers and remaining contents deposit grease across our pavements (same stuff going into those unfortunates bloodstreams who partake through choice.) They also encourage the rat population. Yuk! I guess more education in schools is where it should begin, but they’re not in school! What a world eh haha.

        • I don’t necessarily disagree, but I think the fast food outlets should be the least responsible – the main responsibility should be the customers and then the council to provide sufficient bins.
          I think schools should have civic lessons where topics like litter, vandalism etc could be brought up here


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