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Crime, Woolwich

Serious assault on teen tonight in Woolwich town centre

Looking towards site of assault

A teenage boy suffered serious injuries earlier this evening after an assault in Woolwich.

Police have tapped off an area along Plumstead Road near Barclay Bank and Marks and Spencer’s.

It is reported that a Section 60 notice is in operation permitting additional stop and search powers.

Anyone with information can contact police by calling 101.


  1. I was wondering why police were there.
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Any update on the stupid bus lane in Woolwich Road!?

  2. Graham

    How terrible. I hope the victim goes on to make a full recovery.

    Section 60 stop and searches need to be made permanent in the Borough of Greenwich so we can tackle crime full on,

    Woolwich is still a no go area for many many people due to the high level of anti social behaviour which blights the area.

    It will also do nothing to attract people to the the area as part of the on going regeneration of Woolwich.

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