Antic pubs in trouble? 14 including Eltham GPO change hands

Thanks to Brixton Buzz for the heads up on this as they revealed that 14 pubs operated by Antic have changed hands. Among them is the Eltham GPO pub off Eltham High Street as well as the Royal Albert in New Cross.

It appears Portobello Brewing have taken over the pubs – and Antic do not seem too happy. On the Eltham GPO website it states (click to enlarge):

The 14 taken over do not include Woolwich Equitable (which never reopened after the first lockdown), Lewisham’s Sutton Radio nor Deptford’s Job Centre.

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One thought on “Antic pubs in trouble? 14 including Eltham GPO change hands

  • Surely Antic must have been in discussions for sometime with Portobello Brewery with regard to taking over the 14 pubs that are operated by them and which pubs would be affected by the takeover.

    You would have thought if only for common decency that Antic would have advised their Management Teams that discussion were taking place. Just to get 36 hours notice must have been a real shock to the Management Teams and staff at an already difficult time for the hospitality industry.


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