Fire hits cafe building near Waterfront in Woolwich

A fire broke out in a disused nightclub above a cafe earlier this week in Woolwich.

The blaze was at the end of Hare Street near Waterfront. A police presence was also seen alongside rumours about activities in the building but these are not confirmed.

Building has long been neglected with plants growing out of roof

According to London Fire Brigade:

“When firefighters arrived they discovered a well developed fire on the first floor of the two storey building. The crews quick action prevented the fire from spreading to further neighbouring residents. There were no reports of any injuries.”

The Brigade was called at 2317 and the fire was under control by 0213. Firefighters from Plumstead, East Greenwich, Sidcup and Eltham fire stations were at the scene.”

Building on right

The building is an attractive corner block but years of neglect sums up parts of Woolwich, as its been allowed to rot without much action from authorities. Plants have been growing out of it for years.

The authority have powers to enact Section 215 notices and make sure owners clean up and make safe buildings, and if not a fine or charge can be levied. Other authorities use them. Greenwich rarely do. They only did so in Plumstead after years of complaining about an infested building.

It took years of complaining to ensure action taken

When locals contacted councillors, they relayed a message that nothing could be done. It was wrong, yet the councillor bought it. Local people had to fight.

There’s plenty of town centres where you won’t see such widespread neglect of buildings in the town centre, but Woolwich is pretty directionless. There is no town centre manager (or at least wasn’t for a long time) nor any business group as seen at places like Bexleyheath, Bromley, Brixton and others who coordinate and improve their respective towns. That requires the local authority to help establish it mind…



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2 thoughts on “Fire hits cafe building near Waterfront in Woolwich

  • The state of the buildings, and the fact that it S allowed to continue is indicative of the mentality of the Council, AND TGE CITIZENRY!
    The urban decay in Woolwich ALLOWS people to treat the rest of the town despicably. As is seen in cases of urban renewal, once the environment of an area begins to be looked after, the mentality of the area’s citizenry begins to look after it. Pride begins to shape the way people behave and think about where they live. Not only does the area look better but people feel better, crime drops, not only more serious crimes but the misdemeanours that affect quality of life, too.

  • There’s been a police presence around the back of the building since the fire. Officers seemed to be stood outside the building late into last night, keeping guard?

    Looked like evidence was being packed up into a police truck this morning as I walked by, must be serious if all this money is being spent on investigation? Would be interested to know more.

    Was glad to see the cafe was open again this morning, I only went there for the first time the other week and really enjoyed it.


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