Woolwich Works plan large town centre adverts to boost visitor numbers

Viewing the exciting *cough* content on the big screen TV in Woolwich right now – which partly bocks views of one of town’s finest buildings – is pretty tricky.

That’s because Woolwich’s main civic space is closed for weeks on end due to overzealous authorities who adopt the mindset that everyone must suffer for the (potential) actions of a few.

However you will be able to see large adverts for music and arts venue Woolwich Works placed upon the rear of the big screen TV visible to those waiting for buses and leaving the station.

Rear of screen from station exit

Welcoming town centre?

The fence is certainly one way to highlight an area is dodgy and to get out of the area sharpish. Terrible optics, as they say. Who else does this?

Want to enjoy Woolwich’s main civic space? Tough

It does though make much sense to ramp up advertising for those exiting Woolwich Arsenal station as the new venture has struggled since opening and already required a bail out.

One major criticism is a lack of adverts, promotional material and directions for those arriving in town. For many months after opening you’d barely notice it was there.

It hardly stands out

Upon leaving Woolwich Arsenal station or Woolwich Elizabeth line station they’d be next to nothing alerting people to its presence.

I took a Thames Clippers boat many months after opening and upon arriving at Woolwich pier it was a similar story.

New advert to be applied to TV

So a year after basic stuff which should have been done but wasn’t, it’s now starting to trickle in.

There’s much to like about the centre – which went overbudget despite the former Greenwich Council leader Dan Thorpe channelling Donald Trump to call it “fake news” and denied claims shortly before it was shown to be true and it had overrun.

Entrance to venue

Not a savoury episode. I recall watching scrutiny panel meetings were councillors were almost demanding costings shortly before opening and those in charge were trying to avoid doing so.

But we’re in the here and now and it’s a lovely renovation and south east London really could do with more good live venues.

So go take a look what’s on and support the place.

Woolwich Works occupy a number of building on the Royal Arsenals

I’d still ditch the nasty TV which blocks the Woolwich Equitable building from parts of the square and blocks views of the wonderfully rebuilt General Gordon Square upon leaving the station, but if the bloody thing is staying then an advert for Woolwich Works makes sense.

Just lose the abysmal fencing now. With Greenwich Council it’s always a step back every time there’s a step forward.



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    5 thoughts on “Woolwich Works plan large town centre adverts to boost visitor numbers

    • And we are still left with a borough archive which is effectively unusable, and no museum – that us the REAL problem

      • Indeed it’s a bit if a joke they’ve announced nothing. At the same meeting cllrs were being fobbed off about cost increases we were told news soon. Nothing heard since.

    • The name doesn’t work – to me it sounds like a community initiative, some kind of charity or outreach programme that getstat-risk teens, the unemployed or the over 50s back into the mainstream. They could do worse than to give the venue a proper name, rather than the uninspired and rather ambiguous declaration that ‘Woolwich Works’

    • All those newly converted buildings and I cannot see a solar panel on any of them.

    • It’d be a great help if the venue actually had exciting events to attract visitors…


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