Charlton Riverside Masterplan adopted as U&I look to build 370 homes

Developers U&I last year announced plans to build hundreds of homes in Charlton at the Westminster Industrial Estate. They’ve now submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment to Greenwich Council. The Planning Reference is 17/2273/EIA

Studio Egret West are the architects behind the scheme, which is close to the Thames Barrier. A 76 metre communications mast on site is being retained.

The EIA assumes that all buildings will be demolished except for Block B (The Workshops). The document references the Charlton Riverside Employment and Heritage Study which recommends retaining some industrial buildings, some of which are attractive and conversion would result in a local asset. Developers U&I do not seem keen on this.

A number of other schemes are being worked up in the area, including 1000 homes and a tower near Sainsbury’s and 570 homes at Herringham Road on the Go-Kart track site.


The Charlton Riverside Masterplan was adopted last month. Up to 7,500 homes are planned. It’s amazing how quickly that happened. When Greenwich Council want something to happen it does. Meanwhile, the Woolwich St Thomas Street Masterplan, drawn up in 2015, is still not adopted. It covers the Tesco Superstore site as well as adjacent areas covering Wetherspoons and other shops.

It was this 2015 Masterplan that recommended that any building built on greenery in front of the Tesco super store should be no more than 15-storeys as this image taken from the consultation shows.

Of course by not adopting it that allows the proposed 30-storey block to proceed. Greenwich planners also scuppered much chance of stopping it by renewing a lapsed application from 10 years ago for a tower on the site.

What is now proposed

Are these more Planning Department mess-ups or deliberate actions to allow taller buildings?


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