Greenwich Council launch day of "Plumstead Enforcement" – in car park closing due to little enforcement

This was quite amusing. Yesterday Greenwich Council leader Denise Hyland (Abbey Wood ward) posed for a photoshoot at Abery Street car park by Plumstead High Street to announce a day of enforcement by Greenwich Council staff and police. The irony is that very car park is due to close at the end of the year with Greenwich council themselves admitting revenue is very low as drivers often don’t pay and enforcement is minimal.

The extent of action taken yesterday will be revealed soon. One thing highlighted yesterday was that police went to monitor poor parking outside schools after numerous reports of issues yet no fines were issued and drivers were merely warned. Given term ends in a day, will this make any difference by September? Unless there’s staff there at the start of term then it’s very unlikely.

Positive news came through that Greenwich Council may be hiring more parking staff so perhaps it will happen. But how many? They have never had the full complement they should have, and that full complement is already a small number. Problems are so widespread that one or two more wont go far.

More parking staff are badly needed borough wide. I again saw at least 10 cars parked on paving in Abbey Wood. Same cars; same places. It’ll plug the massive hole in the Council’s parking budget.

Facebook groups are again full of stories today of atrocious parking outside schools and other areas. It may be worth emailing Sizwe James (Cabinet member for Transport) here

New Political Party

This all comes as a new Plumstead Party has been created to stand in council elections in 2018. I’ll cover it more in coming days. Plenty of people are sick of ineptitude, waste and laziness when it comes to local Labour councillors – many of whom do not even live in the area. And many of those same fed-up residents are natural Labour voters and support the excellent local MP who shames councillors when it comes to action and communication. Too many councillors take the pay cheque but rarely communicate with residents.



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One thought on “Greenwich Council launch day of "Plumstead Enforcement" – in car park closing due to little enforcement

  • Complaining about almost everything to Greenwich Council is a complete waste of time…More success dropping a brick on your least you will get a response…


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