A look at the Thames Path’s new section between Woolwich and Charlton

This week saw the long awaited opening of the £1.5 million Thames Path section between Charlton and Woolwich. No more trudging inland on a wearisome diversion.

Coming from the west, the first stage of the new section rises near the Thames Barrier and enters the Mellish Industrial estate.

The route is a part of Quietway 14. In the time I was there a steady stream of cyclists were using the new link.

Unfortunately the route is currently only open until 9pm though Greenwich Council are attempting to enable 24 hour access.

The route passes through Westminster Industrial Estate and some wonderful industrial buildings from the former Siemens Factory.

This site has long been a site of forthcoming residential redevelopment, with U&I looking to build 370 homes but recently sold the site. This is worth a forthcoming post in its own right.

Once past the gate it’s a swing left toward the elevated section positioned above the river.

Guardrail has been installed which narrows the entrance and exit space. The idea is to reduce speed on descent yet guardrail opens scope of conflict with pedestrians.

Whilst there I also noticed it forces cycles into the path of cars exiting Thames Side studios which is another possible hazard:

Thames side car park exit is on right at base of ramp

The new section offers good views of the rotting former Mersey River Iris Ferry pitched up with unfulfilled dreams of refurbishment.

And then the path descends to existing river walkway in Woolwich and views of rising towers:

All in all the new section is a triumph and already appears to be extremely well used by pedestrians and cyclists. And this wasn’t on day one when it would be expected.

Families were also using the new section extensively. It’s brilliant to see public realm improvements in Greenwich Borough which benefits a huge number of people. Much more of this please.

I’m uploading more pics to my Flickr account which can be seen here.

DiamondGeezer has a customary excellent write up of the new link here.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    9 thoughts on “A look at the Thames Path’s new section between Woolwich and Charlton

    • Just need the free footbridge cycle bridge from north Greenwich to canary wharf so we can cycle from woolwich to canary wharf now.

    • Extremely disappointing to see the Thames footpath at Enderby Wharf still close, this afternoon 23/06/2018 However Bellway Homes priority is to have an outside party with pop up Bar.

      • Apparently opens in September, that would make it 2 years its been closed – so frustrating.

        • Enderby wharf bit of the path is now done, so the bit outside river gardens is the last bit that cannot be accessed. River Gardens looks to be at least a month, but probably longer, from completion.

    • It’s very good and I wish they took a lead and improved public realm more widely but I fear this only happened as TfL involved.

      When RBG are left to themselves they do not care for attractive, usable, beautiful and safe streets for communities and children to enjoy.

    • After reading this post I went through the new path today. It was great and much better than having to go through the main road and use that busy roundabout, which you were forced to do before.

    • Excited to get out and use it now. Previously would stop at woolwich and turn back rather than go onto north Greenwich because of having to use the main road.


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