Stabbing in Woolwich town centre at “crime hotspot”

A stabbing occurred on Parry Place in Woolwich town centre last night injuring a man in his 40s. He has been taken to a north London hospital.

The area has seen a number violent incidents in the recent past including a stabbing on Spray Street in January.

Violent incidents have also reported at an establishment on Parry Place in recent years. At one stage council staff were said to be afraid to visit according to licensing application documents.

Redevelopment plans

The entire area is due to be flattened as part of Spray Street redevelopment. However, simply moving the problem instead of tacking it is hardly a solution.

Local people complain that anti-social behavior often appears to go unchallenged in the vicinity. If that doesn’t change then any new-build scheme could fall apart – or the issue moved to another area with problems persisting.

Murky Depths

Born and grew up in SE London

3 thoughts on “Stabbing in Woolwich town centre at “crime hotspot”

  • May 22, 2019 at 1:54 pm

    This RD is were the police and community support officers NEED TO PATROL as well as the high ST and square in Woolwich were there CCTV. DOES THE POLICE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS RD WHY ARE THEY NOT PARTROLLING THESE STREETS NOTORIOUS FOR DRUGS AND STABBINGS!!

  • May 25, 2019 at 6:04 am

    This area urgently needs an increase in Police Patrols. it is notorious as mentioned ny Harry. The problems in London are serious enough for section 66 to be imposed on a permanent basis through out Greater London if we are going to start tackling these issues to make our streets safe again. Why is the CCTV in Woolwich not catching any of this and reporting it to Police.


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