Waterfront Woolwich’s move delayed until 2024/25

Waterfront Woolwich’s move delayed until 2024/25

A report before Greenwich Council’s Cabinet reveals that plans to move the Waterfront leisure centre to a new site at General Gordon Square has been delayed.

The original plan in 2017 was to start building a new centre in 2020 for opening in 2021/22. Since then the car park has closed. Towers are now rising on the site. The new date is 2024/25.

Former car park

The hit to membership numbers due to this delay cannot be overestimated. The current centre has seen numbers down 17% in just one year as the car park has closed and low cost gyms have opened in areas of the town centre with higher footfall – and numbers are still falling.

New gym recently opened

Greenwich Council are now looking at spending money on the existing centre for just five years use. But will it achieve much? Low cost gyms continue to open, the car park is not coming back, most new towers now starting wont be occupied for a couple of years and the public realm directly outside is poor, which does not encourage people to venture from the town centre.

Cross here from the town centre – or just go somewhere closer

A reason given for the delay are long standing issues with current tenants at Viscount House. This has been known about for years. Wilko’s are believed to be reluctant to move without a similar site becoming available. Barclays have already vacated.

Once again we have to ask how well Woolwich town centre as a whole is being managed. The new Creative District site is getting much attention and the authority has hired dedicated managers for that area (at a cost of £400k) but no town centre manager has existed for “old” Woolwich , which is unusual for a major borough centre.

In addition, the chance to create Business Improvement District has not been pursued which could offer strategic guidance. Dozens exists in London. The GLA describes it: “A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area in which the local businesses have voted to invest together to improve their environment.”

“The business benefits of BIDs include:

  • BID levy money is ring-fenced for use only in the BID area
  • businesses decide and direct what they want for the area
  • business cost reduction, for example, from reduced crime and joint procurement
  • mediating with local councils, Transport for London, the police and other public bodies
  • increased footfall and staff retention
  • place promotion
  • networking opportunities with neighbouring businesses”

They would usually require a local authority to push it forward. Bexleyheath and Bromley both have BID status. Brixton too. Croydon, Ealing and Harrow as well. As does Streatham. The list is extensive.

Woolwich doesn’t. Is that hampering future planning?


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5 thoughts on “Waterfront Woolwich’s move delayed until 2024/25

  1. Going back about 8 – 10 years We used to have an excellent town centre managed called Stephanie Butcher, but sadly after she moved on to greener pastures the void was filled by a useless numbskull who lasted a very short time and was never replaced ..

  2. I agree on all your points except for the one on setting up a BID. I work for a BID in C London so I understand the ins and outs of how they operate. I personally don’t think the busienss community in Old Woolwich Town Centre is big and strong enough and the levy collected wouldn’t add up to a significant amount, so actual results of this investment would be very minimal. Also, the best BIDs are the ones set up by the business community not by the Council – businesses usually run away as soon as they hear the Council is involved!
    Shame there isn’t a Council dedicated Town Centre Manager! I think that’s the solution to push for.

  3. A builder on the site where the car park was told me Greenwich Council sold the whole waterfront site to the developer for £1, hope this isn’t true

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