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Six Portacabin classrooms for Royal Greenwich Trust School

Courtesy Google. Current crossing

A school in Charlton has submitted plans for six additional classrooms comprising of portacabins. Six already exist taking the total to twelve.

The classrooms would remain until 2020 as permanent expansion begins. I covered plans in 2017 to expand from 600 to 950 pupils.

Currently ongoing

The classrooms will be located away from the A206 Woolwich Road due to pollution concerns.

For the benefit of the Portacabin corporation who once emailed me to state the name should be used only in certain circumstances, the exact planning application states: “19/1082/F | Erection of 6 temporary classroom portacabins”.

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  1. Paul SuperUnknown

    I hope they don’t forget the bars to keep those little bastards locked in!

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