Homebase in Kidbrooke set to close

According to staff Homebase will be closing the doors of their Kidbrooke branch (or Blackheath as they sometimes call it) in coming months.

It’s far from a surprise, and was predicted.

Courtesy Google. Extensive land

Homebase have had a torrid time and were sold for £1 earlier this year. They then announced a closure of 42 branches though surprising Kidbrooke was not on it.

Yet the site is a stone’s throw from Kidbrooke station and high density housing is planned next door. It was clear the land could make far more developed than remaining as a sprawling retail shed and car park.

Homebase in red, TfL site in blue and Berkeley Homes in purple

Any development could step up to 10-15 floors (at least) closer to the station given the lack of low-rise homes immediately around, and planned heights on adjacent TfL land, as seen below:

Berkeley Homes are building 20 floor towers the other side of the line.

A new railway station is being built, covered here, yet no word on how many extra carriages on services.


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6 thoughts on “Homebase in Kidbrooke set to close

  • The downturn in diy has seen a big drop in sales for both Homebase and B&Q, although Wickes seems to be weathering the storm. The Kidbrooke store is small and probably doesn’t do a great deal of business. There is still the much bigger Bromley Road store, which I would be surprised to see close.

    • I’m surprised Wicket survives near Blackheath hill. Landowner sitting on a prime site. Housing and new store in mixed use makes sense

  • A new unit is currently been erected in the Wickes’ Blackheath Hill car park, but no indication of what it will become. Travis Perkins, who owns Wickes, admits to hard times, but is not actively closing stores.

    • It’s a Starbucks drive thru I believe. That site is a goldmine. If Wickes own it they must surely be looking to sell or redevelop. If they don’t, the landlord would be

  • Homebase in Kidbrooke currently have a store only sale on all their stock from 15-50%.
    I visited there today, speaking to staff they are closing on the 19th December and it was a sale by the landlord that has forced them to close the store. Closing it right before Christmas is a blow to those who work there as I believe many have lost their jobs.
    I guess with the Kidbrooke Village development it was only a matter of time before the land owner sold up but it is a shame, Wickes on Blackheath Hill is a devil to get out of if turning right and their other stores on Bromley Hill and Sidcup are hardly that close to many in Blackheath/Kidbrooke or Eltham without some serious driving. I guess the B&Q in Eltham will benefit from the extra trade.

  • There is a big Homebase in Penge that has two floors.

    Given the downturn in property prices in Greenwich, it looks as if the buyer will be sitting it out for quite a while if it hopes to make the required profit.


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