Kidbrooke Village could see further increase in homes as Berkeley seek changes

Berkeley Homes have submitted the latest in a line of updated plans for Kidbrooke Village seeking an increase in homes.

This time it’s for Phase 5 Building C which has yet to start with an additional 22 flats within. Earlier revisions for Phase 5 saw 1,144 residential units approved – an increase of 258 above the previous 886 approved homes.

Phases of project

Plans for modular construction has also been dropped.

Overall total homes across the Kidbrooke Village site which replaced the Ferrier estate have increased substantially from the late 2000s up to the present day with current totals planned to be almost 5,300.

None of which is bad per se given a need for homes though once again Greenwich Council will miss out on potential funding which could have been gained for local services due to their very low CIL rate.

High density housing near station

Some councillors and council officers used to try to explain away their very poor performance by London standards (that’s all of London) with obtaining revenue from developers as being due – in part – down to sites like Kidbrooke Village being approved before 2015.

Though any revisions to those developments since then are liable to CIL, and so failing to set a suitable rate in 2015 or revising in 2018 has hampered revenue.


This revised block is one of a number of changes coming to the town. The main square beside Kidbrooke station is also set to see bus routes revised with services now heading through the main square. TfL have recently consulted on that.

A branch of Tesco is also set to open on the square.

Pegler Square

South of that cranes are now up as a block rises as part of the Central Gardens element of the site which sits in Phase 3.

Kidbrooke remains a major area for housing with not just Kidbrooke Village but another development from TfL eventually totalling 619 homes.

New homes set to be occupied in 2024 beside Kidbrooke station.

Greenwich Council are also building 447 council homes at two sites close to Thomas Tallis school.



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    One thought on “Kidbrooke Village could see further increase in homes as Berkeley seek changes

    • I lived in Kidbrooke in1962 and I can’t believe how Kidbrooke has changed. The old station was built of wood with old gas lamps on the station platform! I well remember the old gas balloons site located next to the railway. Which was still open in 1955 or so. Some 10 years after WW11 ended.


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