Kidbrooke Village to see Starbucks branch open

A branch of Starbucks is set to open in Kidbrooke with plans submitted to Greenwich Council.

The coffee shop is located on Peglar Square beside the Depot pub.

A continuing number of new homes are rising in the area. Kidbrooke Village will total 5,300 upon completion – subject to any revisions. It’s seen total housing increased a number of times.

Various plots underway

Last month this site looked at two plots now either approved or underway.

Over the railway tracks is another development of 619 homes named Kidbrooke Square.

Now rising

Greenwich Council plan another 500 homes just north opposite Aldi at the former Thomas Tallis site.

Click here to view the Starbucks application.


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One thought on “Kidbrooke Village to see Starbucks branch open

  • Woo – a chain coffee shop. Lets revisit the statement “total housing increased a number of times” – The berkely plans have been revised several times to include more units. Plus the mentioned development across Aldi’s and another in the bird brook preserve (does that word even mean anything anymore). People were sold on plans that ever expanded and there is little community to speak of yet. We don’t need a starbucks. Don’t take the community centre.


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