New consultation on Woolwich Arsenal squares – listed building now retained

Berkeley Homes will be holding consultation events this weekend on revised plans for 150 new homes plus new squares beside the forthcoming Woolwich Crossrail station.

You can find out more by visiting Building 10 (which hosts the farmers market and next to the Tap Room pub) on Friday 20th May from 3-7pm and Saturday 21st from 10am-4pm.

arsenal consultation

Initial plans in 2014 intended to demolish the Grade II listed Building 11, or Officer’s House, and use the space for a taxi rank. Thankfully those deeply flawed plans were shelved.

The initial plan appeared to show enough space for a taxi turning circle even without demolition. Demolition would also have meant losing a sense of enclosure to both Dial Arch Square and the proposed Royal Arsenal Square.

royal square
2014 plans

Thankfully retention of the handsome Officer’s House allows the possibility that the ground floor can be used as a pub or shop. Located directly beside the Crossrail entrance, the spot will be very lucrative. That aspect was another element which made prior plans flawed. With commercial space in a carefully renovated building, Woolwich gains another decent eatery, pub or shop. Careful alterations to the building could also potentially improve permeability.

Up to 150 homes are also planned. Presumably some will be above the commercial space in Building 11 / Officer’s House.

It will be interesting to see what is proposed for the shed-like Building 10. A regular market is currently held there. Will there be space for this to continue, or could it move to the new square planned just outside or at Dial Arch Square? With news of the indoor market’s sale over the road on Spray Street, could a regular market on a site there incorporate it in future years?



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0 thoughts on “New consultation on Woolwich Arsenal squares – listed building now retained

  • This has been very unpopular with Royal Arsenal residents particularly the additional of 10 storey tower to a partially demolished Building 10 which will block light to surrounding flats.

    The cut and shut job of Building 11 where the front will be renevated while the back will be a soulless identikit modern apartments.

    Lastly Royal Arsenal Sq has reduced in size with a conspicuous lack of greenery.

    • My sympathies to both you and Carole.

      Do you have a residents association or any other form of collective representation?

      • Hi GRIVES, yes the whole complex have joined together,to fight this,what is disgusting though is also the fact that people bought their flats,on the new Viridian complex, and were told by the sales team,when asked if building 10 was going to be built. On NO IT IS GRADE TWO LISTED BUILDING ,AND BUILDING ON THIS WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED,IMAGINE THE SHOCK WHEN THE LAST FLAT IS SOLD,THIS COMES OUT OF THE PIPELINE?

  • I live in East carriage house and this proposed new build will completely block out any light or sunshine, I will have to have my lights on all day, will be able to shake hands with the new residents , it is that close. Surly we are allowed to live like humans , not as moles who live below ground , as they is what it will be like. Also they demolishing of building 10, which is grade 2 listed building , beggars belief

  • You need empowering.

    Forgive me the lesson in microeconomics but there it is. It is the world we live in today.

    The banks are in the courts more times than is decent. Legal institutions, insurance companies, and pension funds all whose integrity should never be in doubt are there as cellmates. Both they and their staff are daily convicted by the highest courts in the land of fraud, deceit and betrayal. Profiteering and embezzelment has never before been so much an industry for the convict class.

    If you want satisfaction you must seek redress. The playing field has never been level, today it is vertical. Today No1 looks after No1. Usually breach of contract or misrepresentation means going to law and though like Dickens I hold a complete dislike and distrust of anything as Most Worthy as the Law Courts it may be the only exit.

    Macroeconomics may be your salvation. There are more of you and it isn’t a fair, legal, decent or honest way to make a living.


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