Square near Woolwich Elizabeth line station gains another new business

A square beside Woolwich Elizabeth line station continues to take shape as another business opens.

One unit has been taken on by the newly opened 63 delis which follows hot on the heels of plans submitted this week for an expansion of Salt bar as well as Starbucks opening round the corner. A salon is also due to open beside the deli.

That sees four units set  to be occupied around the square which had seen vacant units for some years.

New deli in closest unit

The square almost wasn’t a square as plans were revealed by Berkeley homes at one stage to demolish the listed Building 11 (or Officers’ House) which frames the space.

Eventually that was reversed, the building renovated with new homes and an extension built with both commercial space and housing.

Officers’ House refurbished rather than demolished. Rear sees new deli and salon.

Spurious reasons to demolish were overcome and the building is now looking wonderful.

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As part of agreement to retain Berkeley were allowed to build on the listed Building 10, which also includes commercial and residential space.

New commercial space. Salon on left with deli to right out of shot

That site isn’t quite finished, with work on the eastern end still not complete.

Looking to eastern end of Building 10

This map shows proposed commercial space in green. Some space was removed (see the pink section) though we await what is built on Unit 3 –

Proposed commercial units in pink facing new courtyard to be removed under this plan

Little is likely to happen until Armourer’s Court is built. That will bring greater footfall from the east as will three substantial development all now underway.

Firstly there’s the Lombard Square development which will see almost 2,000 homes near Plumstead bus garage and Belmarsh –

Substantial site

At a site further north west will be 333 homes at a former care home. Work is pretty advanced here now –

333 homes coming to former care home in Thamesmead.

And work is also underway bringing almost 300 homes and a new college building in Plumstead –

Crane up and work underway

They’ll all bring much footfall to Woolwich which will provide a shot in the arm to local business and should help bring greater vitality to the local area.


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One thought on “Square near Woolwich Elizabeth line station gains another new business

  • I am pleased to read of new businesses opening by the Woolwich Elizabeth Line Station. I wish the owners and staff good luck and great success for the future. These new businesses will be placed in a nice location.Just wish now Greenwich Works could become more successful while making the venue a great place to visit for local residents and visitors to Woolwich.


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