Woolwich Starbucks opens as does new independent nearby

Starbucks have returned to Woolwich after some years with their new branch opening beside the Elizabeth line station.

It’s located in the Officers’ House which Berkeley Homes originally wanted to demolish, with one reason given being that a path beside the building was too narrow. Berkeley’s claims were always a nonsense.

New independent coffee shop also opened recently in Woolwich

Now Berkeley Homes are happy to have Starbucks in there facing onto the very path they were using as justification to knock down a building, which was fortunately restored and now houses commercial space and flats.

The coffee chain formerly had a unit on Powis Street which closed in the late 2010s.

Former Starbucks next to now defunct Phones 4 U chain

A change of location in some ways speaks to the relative fortunes of their respective parts of Woolwich, though hopefully Powis Street will thrive once a new multi-million street revamp gets underway imminently.

And parts of Woolwich town centre have stronger than they’ve been for some time including Hare Street.

Square now fenced off

The town centre regeneration project also includes Beresford Square with much of the space now fenced off. A new coffee shop has recently opened there named Akita.

So if you feel like something a bit more interesting it could be worth checking out.

In addition, if you fancy supporting independent businesses alongside Akita is the House of Denna coffee shop on the Arsenal site beside the Thames Clipper pier.

Alongside food and drink House of Denna also runs events.




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8 thoughts on “Woolwich Starbucks opens as does new independent nearby

  • 1All hail the indies, especially coffee shops! Driving down to DEvon recently using the M25/M3/A303 route its a virtual monopoly of Starbucks shops, both on and off the M ways. I know its personal taste but I love freshly roasted coffee, nad a Starbuks version of that at £4 or so is nothing more than criminal exploitation! Good luck to the new indie stores in Woolwich, please use them and not Starbucks where you’re just putting huge profits in the pockets of multinationals. And the indies coffee and service and care is generally superior anyway.

  • John whats happened to the edit facility when posting? It’s disappeared? Note my above post errors which I can’t correct?

    • Hi it could have changed when I updated the plugin. Let me take a look

  • Each time I walk past that Starbucks it appears to be busy. It makes you wonder why more retailers don’t take-up the spaces near Woolwich station.

    • Footfall is always very high. There are some more places opening near Tesco at rear of the same building as Starbucks. Will cover them in a future post.

  • There is a vey good independent coffee shop that has opened in the eastern octagonal guardroom down by Woolwich Pier.

    • Yep that’s the House of Denna mentioned at the end. Some great choices around which are better than starbucks

  • Woolwich Works and the Yoga Space cafe are great for a coffee/snack. Yoga Space definitely more friendly. Woolwich Works has so much potential if only the staff were more motivated and cared.


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