Could a street art festival be coming to Woolwich?

The local resident behind Woolwich themed Coolwich clothing range has turned his attention to an idea of creating a street art festival in Woolwich.

It sounds a great idea. I’ve stumbled on a few similar events and it’s always struck me as a great use of under-utilised and dull parts of town. Many have also been hugely successful at attracting visitors and revitalising areas at low cost.

Bristol held one annually for a number of years around vacated city centre buildings as well as adjacent student housing. People flocked in.

It was covered in both national and international press. The Telegraph have some great shots here.

I believe that the buildings featured in these photos have largely now been demolished and replaced but in the twilight of their lives they looked far better with various art works across facades rather than boarded up blocks.

Bristol now hosts Europe’s largest street art festival in the south of the city.

It wasn’t just about art but also lighting and other adornments to create interest in streets.


Woolwich has a number of slightly run-down areas and has London’s biggest artist studios in the whole country, though few know it. I took a trip there. It really is an incredible gem of a place full of wonderfully talented people, but so little cross over into Woolwich occurs.

Artists could lead the way if encouraged by authorities and landlowners either in the town centre of near the studio site around Woolwich Dockyard,

Plans for a Wool Yard market last year included an attempt to enliven areas off Powis Street, but unfortunately the market plans hit some problems.

Wool Yard plans
An ideal spot to rejuvinate

Whether it could go ahead in Woolwich is another matter. It doesn’t have Business Improvement District status to help assist. It doesn’t even have a Town Centre manager anymore. Management is weak at best.

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5 thoughts on “Could a street art festival be coming to Woolwich?

  • Whatever next in Woolwich… seems like a plaything for some people. Really trying to force something that isn’t there.

  • Love it! I’ve seen some myself and they work wonders in bringing life back to areas – or simply improving what’s there.

    If local business had foresight they’d get behind it as done well it can bring in huge visitors. Those visitors then bring more business and a far more varied town is the result.

    Sorry to see the instant negativity above. Look at the success of Street Feast to see pent up demand for some quality and something interesting. I’ve lived in Woolwich for 50 years and seen massive decline and now some promising signs of change to join the rest of the country in the 21st century.

    There’s so many people who hate change. If they travel over this great city and others they’d see so many other examples and how great they are. I’d love the same in Woolwich.

    • Good post Bob, I too yearn for Woolwich to kick on but of course as you say there are people who hate change. The saddening thing I have learnt recently is the people who hate the idea of progress have some really nasty motives for ‘keeping it as it is’.

      The place in my opinion can move forward but keep it’s ‘charm’ too.

  • I agree lets all let Woolwich move on and breath new life back in to the area. It could lighten up some of the duller less attractive parts of Woolwich. More visitors would help local businesses and the local economy too.


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