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Greenwich Planning Board refuse extension of Woolwich’s Vista Tower

Plans for an extension to Vista House in Woolwich were last week rejected by Greenwich Councillors in opposition to recommendations by planning department officers.

Developers were seeking to add a nine-storey extension onto one end of the building to provide 14 more flats.

Plans have been rumbling around for years, and it was covered back in 2011 (!) when plans were approved. Now updated plans are rejected.

It really is a building with little to no virtues. The building was formerly the Head Office of publishers Morgan Grampian. They vacated the site and instead of rebuilding the drab building the owners decided to stick an ugly roof on top in the early years of the Millennium.

The only positive was a row of shops installed on the former car park but architecturally the main block is a real blot on Woolwich.



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  1. Sim

    This is good news! That building is an absolute eyesore and needs to be torn down.

  2. Concerned Woolwich resident

    Completely agree with Sim!

    The building and stores at street level all need to be removed.

    There’s a gang sign that’s been on the window of the uppermost floor on Calderwood street for months; — the care and maintenance of this building looks awful.

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