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Eltham, Greenwich, Woolwich

£250,000 to be spent assisting Greenwich borough town centres

Government have announced that £50 million of EU money is to be spent nationwide assisting High Streets as lockdown ends. Greenwich borough will see £250,000.

In Greenwich borough this is likely to assist Eltham, Woolwich and Greenwich.

Eltham High Street

The government’s page on this announcement states:

“It will also support a range of practical safety measures including new signs, street markings and temporary barriers. This will help get businesses get ready for when they can begin trading safely, not only in high streets and town and city centres, but also in other public spaces like beachfronts and promenades.”

“Councils will also be able to use this money to develop local marketing campaigns to explain the changes to the public and reassure them that their high streets and other commercial areas are safe.”

Greenwich town centre

Naturally when signs and barriers are mentioned in the same breath as Greenwich one ought to be worried. They do love their clutter. However, as long as only temporary measures to assist health it shouldn’t be a bad thing. It’ll be interesting to watch if it then morphs into permanent measures that impact negatively on High Streets.



  1. JB

    The EU isn’t funding town centres. The Government is using EU funds, i.e. they have decided how it is used. Something that will not be available for very much longer, sadly.

    • HK

      But the EU funds come from the our contributions (after taking their administration costs)…

  2. Christine White

    Maybe if EU is funding town centres, this will allow RBG to fund Street cleansing, grounds maintenance and refuse clearance.

  3. Graham

    This has to be good news for our town centres. I just hope RBG spent wisely and where it is most needed. Sothis money is not wasted.

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