Woolwich screen planned outside Elizabeth line station

If you thought one big screen in a Woolwich square just wasn’t enough then you’re in luck as another is proposed outside the Elizabeth line station.

This one isn’t quite as big and would face people leaving the station, unlike the screen on General Gordon Square.

Existing screen in Woolwich

While some have been crying out for more cycle stands in the area, focus from Berkeley Homes seems to have gone towards this.

The advertising screen would sit in one of Woolwich’s nicest areas at Dial Arch Square.

A drab grey has been chosen for the bulk of the structure aside from the screen itself.

Facing station

Berkeley claim “The proposed screen would not appear out of keeping, would not detract or adversely affect the amenity” though the choice of colour alone is poor practice.

Street design guidance from Transport for London states street furniture should ideally be one colour to avoid clashing. Here lamp posts are black. A black surround would integrate better than grey.

There are stainless steel bollards too, but this drab shade of grey simply adds to visual clutter even if we disregard how it blocks views.

Now renovated. Berkeley Homes sought to demolish

Berkeley Homes aren’t known for their appreciation of the square or history. It’s not that long since they sought to demolish a listed building beside the station for a car park and taxi rank.

That was rejected and eventually the building was renovated with commercial space to the rear and housing to the front and on upper floors.

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5 thoughts on “Woolwich screen planned outside Elizabeth line station

  • This is so out of place. Hope those living on the square are successful in blocking it.

  • An absolute eyesore and in an age where everyone now has a mini TV in their pocket, a complete waste of money.
    The big screen in General Gordon Square rarely has a decent picture and often looks like a massive TV that’s been dumped and abandoned.

  • There is digging work outside the station now – I doubt it can be stopped

  • Is there a planning application reference?

  • Nooooooo. The arrival into Woolwich has to be among the nicest on the Elizabeth line, and now that eyesore will be plonked smack bang in the centre of the view. And serving no real purpose either. FFS


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