Woolwich towers gain a bit of colour

Two Woolwich towers under construction at the former Waterfront car park site have begun to see cladding applied.

These are the latest two out of six to eventually appear on site from developer Berkeley Homes, with two already completed to the east.

Cladding being applied

Greenwich Council sold land here back in 2007. The first four blocks should eventually have a different colour scheme while retaining many of the same design elements.

Proposed colour scheme

Building four will also contain a commercial unit facing Woolwich High Street.

Commercial space in pink

No such commercial space is planned facing the Thames. Seems a bit odd as it’d make a good spot for a café with views and potential space for outside seating.

The buildings have some hefty bulk and massing, and an attempt to alleviate that is made with strong vertical emphasis upon cladding.

Preliminary planning applications have been submitted regarding the final two towers set to follow, but no detailed visual CGI’s have yet appeared.

Site of a further two towers

Some general designs from years ago do exist, but no reserved matters containing detailed information on design unless I’ve missed it (and I’ve been looking).

The next two are supposed to contain a podium between towers.

Towers have headed west and will end up alongside the Waterfront

That brings blocks right up to the edge of Waterfront leisure centre, which is set to close with services moved to a new build on General Gordon Square with almost 500 homes planned.

Woolwich High Street

The growth of residential towers over beside Woolwich High Street has not been matched by the creation of people-friendly streets or a cycle lane:

No cycle lane

Riverside House on the left has another plan to convert to residential usage with 209 flats. It’s currently artist studios.

As ever in Woolwich a walk around reveals plenty of changes from week to week, let alone month to month.

I’ve been taking hundreds of pictures to document change (300 in the past two weeks alone) and will write some follow-up posts looking at other parts of town in coming days.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    3 thoughts on “Woolwich towers gain a bit of colour

    • When I first moved and worked here I didn’t plan on moving to Honk Kong, but the way these towers are going up time after time with little thought for the outdoor environment as usual, or current residents, I may as well be in HKG. YUk!! And Morden Wharf will be about 15 story higher than these? OMG. And will this solve local housing crisis, of course not, just ruins our local environment and breeds higher crime rates with zero police on beat. Makes me so angry.

    • Hong Kong! Typo sorry

    • I completely agree with you Derek.


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