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No Woolwich Ferry due to strike today

There is no Woolwich Ferry today as workers stage strike action in a long running dispute.

According to the Unite Union: “The latest dispute centres on the failure to pay the London living wage (currently £10.75 an hour) on basic pay; the imposition of changes to overtime and shift working; failure to adhere to the agreed job evaluation scheme; and failure to deal with equality issues.”

Another strike is planned for Friday 13th March.

Current operator Briggs Marine will not see their contract renewed when it ends later this year.


  1. Spinek

    The worst service one can receive is from the Woolwich Ferry. Avoid it if you can… Frequent delays, staff is lazy and cannot be bothered to open the overflow car park thus reducing the congestion on Woolwich Road roundabout. Moody operators who move ever so slow…my last crossing (not in rush hour) was 45 minutes..

  2. JB

    Perhaps if they were paid well, they may be more motivated. I feel you are a supporter of the strike(s), as am I.

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