Plumstead accident: Car on roof at “dangerous” street

A car has ended up on its roof on Shrewsbury Lane in Plumstead.

Police and the Fire Brigade are in attendance and bus route 244 is delayed. The car ended up upside down directly beside a bus stop.

Courtesy Rory McCarron

A number of residents have complained this area is unsafe and sees speeding cars and dangerous parking.

One said: “The road is awful, people speed down there and it gets reduced to a single ‘funnel’ lane due to parking on one side of the road. It’s used by buses too which makes it worse. This road gets used by countless school children, I’m only relieved it didn’t happen an hour later.”

Another stated that “most people use it as a rat run between Shooters Hill and Plumstead”.

TfL state: “SHREWSBURY LANE, SE18: Due to a road traffic collision, ROUTE 244 is currently on diversion in both directions, missing stops between ‘Red Lion Lane’ (SD & SN) and ‘Eglinton Road’ (WF & WG). Buses are diverted via Academy Road, Woolwich Common and Herbert Road.”

It’s believed there are no injuries.



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5 thoughts on “Plumstead accident: Car on roof at “dangerous” street

  • Sadly cars being driven above the speed limit is on the increase across the Borough. Sadly a lot of drivers think the rules of the road do not apply to them. But they need to remember the rules certainly do apply to them.

    Thankfully this time there were no reports of any injuries.

  • the road can be improved, speed cushions at more intervals might work, also finishing off adding the ones which were partly put in after someone drove into an eight year old at the exact same spot about 3-4 years ago; the driver hit and run on that occasion. The driver hit two other cars on this one and stayed (not much choice).

  • @ K I agree more can be done to improve this road. Road safety must be paramount for the Council. Including more street calming measures like road humps and speed cushions like those used on bus routes.

    However, we need a crackdown on speeding drivers some who drive under the influence. As already mentioned they must be made to understand the rules of the road apply to them too including keeping to the speed limits.

    I am pleased no one appeared to be at the bus stop or this accident could have been so much worse.

  • Maybe add an LTN, it’s cut down a lot on rat runs on this end of the town.


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