25 flats planned near Plumstead station and Mosque

Plans for a six-storey block of flats comprising 25 flats in Plumstead have been submitted to Greenwich Council.

The flats would be located on a plot between the railway station and shops just to the east of Greenwich Islamic Centre.

Courtesy Google. Flats would be accessed on left

Documents submitted are not the most sophisticated I’ve seen. One giveaway of how much money applicants are willing to spend is to look at the Design and Access Statement. Many contain high quality images and renders of what will be built. This one is simply a word document.

Some basic drawings are about the extent of it  – and even then only seen on another document:


11 car parking spaces are planned for 25 homes. Parking is notorious in this area with over 100 London bus drivers recently threatening to not stop at bus stops nearby.

Double parking and blocked bus lanes are common

A parking survey submitted as part of this application did not study times of peak pressure but instead only covers early hours of the morning.

This highlights flaws in cut and paste surveys in planning documents. Many residential areas may have most cars parked overnight, but that is not suitable analysis for a site like this which attract a wide range of visitors and parking issues.

The survey studies pressure in areas where parking is not permitted and excludes areas that residents or visitors would logically park such as a nearby estate or roads the other side of the railway line:

Parking survey only looks at yellow boxed area

The document states: “The parking survey snapshots were taken at 00:50 and again at 02:00, on Wednesday 18th October 2017 (early hours after Tuesday night) and Thursday 19th October 2017 (early hours after Wednesday night)”.

Which is pretty much the worst time to analyse this area.

Courtesy @Wildster180774. Plumstead bus lane is regularly blocked

Needless to say, the parking reports concludes stating: “The Parking Survey demonstrates that although there is car parking demand from existing residents and overnight visitors, there are no occasions where capacity is exceeded”.

Click here to view the plans.






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3 thoughts on “25 flats planned near Plumstead station and Mosque

  • It’s a shame the development didn’t include those dilapidated shopfronts along that stretch of road. It could easily double the amount of housing, car parking for residential use and new shops I.e Sainsbury’s Local etc. Give a fresh look to the area. Not forgetting the ridiculously uncontrolled parking which this Borough urgently needs to sort out. Stricter control zones with regular patrols by civil enforcement officials means more revenue for our underfunded, outdated Public Realms.

    • Is Hora Medics still there? I remember going to Woolwich College in the 80s and seeing that disused ‘clinic’ untouched for at least two decades. To this day I never remember to look out of the bus window to check but as dilapidated and forgotten shops go, that was up at the top

  • In Southwark when you are looking for a parking space within 20 seconds a scooter with a parking attendant pulls up checking on you…in Greenwich you have to complain on a Form with no response concerning illegal parking…..


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