Revamped shopfronts appearing in Plumstead as part of regeneration project

While on a passing bus I noticed that new shopfronts have started to appear along Plumstead High Street as part of a £5m regeneration project.

I’ve previously covered the project as well as specific shop front proposals, though it does require shop owners to agree and fund a modest sum. Many when I last checked had not agreed.

Parade of shops before and after

A recent Greenwich Council scrutiny meeting questioned officers about the project with concerns that a large amount of the overall budget was going towards consultants, and the possibility that none of the budget would be spent on improving paving along areas such as the High Street and Lakedale Road. Some areas are pretty narrow for those on foot.

Regeneration project

These works are part of a project developed under the Good Growth Fund.

White Hart Road has seen some changes, which in part was to make the walk to the former power station more appealing.

White Hart Road

That was when there was a plan for an indoor market and small trading units, but that plan is now gone with a film company relocating from Greenwich.

That was also a topic raised at the regeneration meeting, with concerns that of the overall budget there wouldn’t be much left after consultants and aiding a private company to move were factored in.

Power station market plan scrapped

A follow-up meeting was to be held this coming Thursday 15th to receive updates but has been postponed.

Plumstead High Street

Other planned changes include landscaping outside Tesco on Lakedale Road but as we’ve seen in numerous areas – including down the road at Abbey Wood where Crossrail/TfL spent millions, there’s barely any upkeep after.

It doesn’t appear to have ever been cleaned.

In Woolwich landscaped areas of a previous regeneration project didn’t last very long:

Central reservation shortly after installation. Now its concrete after not being maintained

So there’s some hesitation in whether Plumstead would fare much better.

Landscaped central reservation in Woolwich lasted a couple of years before being removed due to no upkeep

Afterall, Greenwich council mothballed deep cleaning equipment to jet wash paving shortly after purchasing it.


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    One thought on “Revamped shopfronts appearing in Plumstead as part of regeneration project

    • Having lived in the area for 25 years I can say that I fully support all efforts to improve the environment for those living here, but in my view the local people also need to help make the change happen. Unfortunately so many are transient that they don’t care about the impact they have on the environment. Also it is a very culturally diverse areas so does not benefit from homogeneity or cultural commūnitās. There are communities, strong ones and we are bound together geographically at very least. In my view regeneration will not work from the top down. Incidentally I think the central reservation was changed due to road safety issues. When it was all planted up people used the entire stretch for crossing, so there always a line of people amongst the foliage in the middle of the road, not giving a hoot about any damage from their footfall. Keep up the good work.


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