Delays at Rotherhithe Tunnel as roadworks begin

An approach road to Rotherhithe Tunnel has been closed for roadworks which could last a number of weeks.

The northbound approach in Rotherhithe normally has two approach lanes which are reduced to one. Barriers are being installed to prevent oversized vehicle entering and causing damage to the structure.

The works are not part of a £120 million major upgrade the tunnel – dating from 1908 – requires. Transport for London lack money to fund substantial changes and without any forthcoming income the tunnel could even close, which will place more pressure on Tower Bridge and Blackwall.

The Mayor has previously requested that £500 million raised annually from London drivers in Vehicle Excise Duty be retained within London to fund road maintenance. Currently public transport users cross-subside road maintenance. Most funds from London drivers are spent on roads outside the capital leaving a shortfall which public transport revenue part covered.

London’s Conservatives also called for such a measure, which the Treasury and Department for Transport have rejected.

Letter from Gareth Bacon in 2018 seeking retention of VED in London


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One thought on “Delays at Rotherhithe Tunnel as roadworks begin

  • February 8, 2022 at 1:57 pm

    I was on the 47 going towards Canada Water. The gap left for the cars to squeeze through is barely adequate. It’s going to be standing traffic during busy periods because drivers don’t seem to understand the ‘leave a gap’ sign on the road.


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