Sexual assault in Thamesmead: Appeal for help

Police are appealing for help after a woman suffered a serious sexual assault on Tuesday 15th June.

The incident happened on “Thamesmead path” according to police at 3pm.

Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t know where “Thamesmead Path” is and a map search provided no results. Do they mean Thames Path? I’ve contacted them for info.

If it is the Thames Path, it’d also be useful to know the location. It runs for some miles.

The appeal does include a description of the suspect, which can be seen below (click to enlarge)

Click to enlarge

If anyone can help, contact police on 101 and quote CAD 6340’15JUN21



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3 thoughts on “Sexual assault in Thamesmead: Appeal for help

  • My thoughts are with the victim after this shocking and awful attack.on a innocent women. I hope the culprit is caught quickly and dealt with serverly by the Courts. There is just no excuse for this type of crime.

  • Saying this attack is terrible, shocking and revolting seems so… ineffective and bland, but it also feels wrong not to say it.

    Like Graham, my thoughts are with the brave woman who came forward. I hope she has the help and support she needs.

    My frustration lies with the police, who put out pleas for information that are entirely unhelpful to the public. Appreciate they can’t give a specific location, but this is why some forces give maps with the wider area highlighted. This sort of error can mean the difference between someone coming forward and someone scrolling past.

  • This is extremely worrying! 3 pm, and if it is Thames Path… My womenfolk spend a lot of time walking/bicycle riding along there!
    I hope the victim will be alright. My sympathy and prayers are with her.


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