Serious incident sees air ambulance land in New Cross

A serious incident has seen the closure of Amersham Road in New Cross this afternoon with emergency services on scene.

A fight between two groups resulted in a knife injury.

An air ambulance has landed. Road are closed and extensive traffic disruption is present across the area.

A number of armed police are on site.

Many bus routes are delayed or diverted.

Image courtesy of @Boyoo_


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

20 thoughts on “Serious incident sees air ambulance land in New Cross

  • Thanks for the update. I live on Amersham Road and have been wondering what has been happening for the last 2 hours. The dog unit and gun police were also out on the scene.

  • Anorther sad day for London and yet another needless knife cirime on the streets of London. When will these people learn to get minds and lives of their own and build better futures for themselves away from crrime.

  • As Sadiq Khan has promised a further reduction in stop and search we can only expect a further increase in gang-related crime from what we’ve seen under Khan already. Whether people voted along party lines or for a particular candidate’s policy, the important thing is that they voted for a soft-at-best approach to dealing with knife crime.

  • I could not agree with you more Nuttin. Stop and search plays a major role in helping to stop crimes. If anything stop and search needs to be increased and not reduced iwe need a tough approach not a soft approach if we are to ever tackle knife crime and save young lives from being lost on almost a daily basis.

  • Facts on this …

    “Data suggests that stop and search is not particularly effective at reducing crime by deterring potential criminals.”

    Does stop and search work?

    5 SEPTEMBER 2019
    In announcing government plans to expand stop and search powers, the new Home Secretary Priti Patel claimed that “stop and search works.”

    But what does that actually mean?

    The discourse around stop and search’s effectiveness overwhelmingly focuses on the extent to which it deters crime.

    But that’s an oversimplification of the role stop and search is meant to play. Police guidelines suggest that stop and search is primarily intended to be used as a tool to investigate crime, rather than to stop it in the first place.

    Looking at how stop and search has been used over time and across the country, there is no single idea of how stop and search should be used. This makes measuring its “success” difficult.

    Data suggests that stop and search is not particularly effective at reducing crime by deterring potential criminals.

    The evidence is scanter on stop and search’s effectiveness as an investigatory power, but what evidence there is suggests a stronger case that stop and search works in this regard (for example police using the powers to search someone and subsequently making an arrest or giving out a warning or penalty notice).

    That said, it’s important to consider any “success” of stop and search alongside possible negative effects, including the disproportionate targeting of BAME individuals and the mistrust in the police that can stem from this.”

  • Good for ‘optics’ though.

  • Crime was already on the increase in London during Boris Johnson’s Mayorship: his closing many local police stations, such as the one in West Greenwich exacerbated this, as dis the government’s defunding of the police under austerity.

    “ Crime in London has risen less than the rest of England since 2016”


    In London crime has risen five times faster than the rest of the country since Sadiq Khan became Mayor in 2016.


    Incorrect. Recorded crime per person in London has increased by 18% over this period, less than the 31% increase across England overall. These statistics only count crime recorded by police, and it’s estimated that overall crime is decreasing.

  • We still need to do a lot more to tackle knife crime on the streets of London and stop another young person being the victim of knife crime. More could also be done to educate children on the dangers of gangs and knife crime in schools and colleges.

    A dedicated phone line could be set up which young people could call if they are being bullied in to joining a gang or carrying out a knife crime or any other crime so they can get the help and support they need.

    Sadly a lot of crime still goes unreported as victims are frightened of reprisals from their attackers. So crime figures are actually higher than recorded.

  • “ So crime figures are actually higher than recorded.”

    = Always the case, whoever is Mayor or in Government.

    At least we’ve avoided whatever crimes Bailey would have committed whilst actually in office, and then of course got away with – so that puts the figures down slightly.

  • It’s very easy these days when everyone is drowning in information to not go the extra step, and understand what the facts actually are. Thanks Ballard for sharing this.

  • Most of the opinions above come from the billionaire owned Tory press, such as Murdoch, and the Barclay Brothers.

    Also be aware that many of those who post on local blogs in Greenwich are Tory councillors or other members of Greenwich Conservatives.

  • The problem is that black kids in London are being disproportionately involved in violent gang and knife crime (as intimidation is important for controlling territory in front line drug dealing). There are poor kids of all backgrounds, and studies have shown that children(all races) of single parent families are more likely to “find their father on the street” (as Denzel Washington put it). They stopped publishing statistics for racist convictions in 2016(until the pandemic, which showed disproportionately high attacks on east asians), but that showed the black conviction rate twice as high as the white conviction rate, and increasing year on year, yet we are to believe that only white people can be racist, otherwise the left call it the less fear-inducing “prejudice”. Instead of encouraging the family unit, the media has been actively promoting groups like BLM that seek to break up the family unit. Why? Because BLM is a feminist, socialist organisation. Note the only people they stand up for are (almost exclusively) men with violent criminal backgrounds. Whilst Marx said that criminals were useless to society, Lenin actively encouraged crime as a way to destabilise society to push it into a revolution. Instead of tackling crime, “social justice” supporters are actually taking away the consequences of committing crime and pushing money to “rehabilitation” – which can’t be directed at people unless they have been caught for crime in the first place and has limited positive outcomes. With total defunding of the police and courts there would be no one caught to rehabilitate. The socialists just want more “BAME” victims to push their twisted agenda, no matter who the killer is. The difference elsewhere in the country is that with less black people the media can’t turn crime into a racial issue. A lot of people in London have their blinkers on when it comes to logic, hence the disparity between voters in London and the rest of England.

  • I didn’t bring up anything regarding defunding the police; other than that carried out by the Tories, nor did I reference BLM. I think you’ve been overdosing on Turning Point social media.

  • I also didn’t specifically reference anything regarding ‘racism’ – so maybe save that discussion for one of your ‘groups’.

  • It’s specifically been mentioned by the Mayor of London numerous times as an excuse for not tackling knife crime and the link between stop-and-search and racism is one of his talking points, as well as the Labour party at large. It’s a good comedy show every time they have a conference. I take a shot every time they open with the word “Comrades!”. I don’t know what turning point social media is – is that the next buzz phrase?

  • I see. That wasn’t where I was coming from. The point was “stop and search is not particularly effective at reducing crime by deterring potential criminals.”, as quoted above.

    Police tackle County Lines Drug gangs through co-ordinated intelligence-driven operations; increased, indiscriminate use of stop and search does not help them in this.

  • ” the link between stop-and-search and racism is one of his talking points”

    = considering this section of the document you yourself posted above he has a point.

    “Stop and searches

    In 2016/17, compared with the White ethnic group, stops and searches proportionate to population size were more likely to be carried out on the Black (eight times as likely), Mixed (between two and three times as likely), Asian (just over two times as likely) and Chinese or Other (one and a half as likely) ethnic groups.


    In 2016/17, compared with the White ethnic group, arrests proportionate to population size were more likely to be carried out on the Black (three and half times more likely) and Mixed (twice as likely) ethnic groups.”


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