Pret a Manger overcome SE London aversion to open Greenwich branch

I don’t know, you wait 10 years for a Pret in south east London, and the day plans appear the price of their basic coffee rises from 99pm after a decade.

That’s right everyone, the coffee shop synonymous with London that had next to no branches in south east London is planning to open at 5 Crescent Arcade near the Cutty Sark DLR station at what was an EE shop.

In much of London you couldn’t walk a street without seeing one, two or even three Prets yet they had an aversion to the south east. It was a stark reminder of how different this corner of London can often appear to the rest of the capital, but no longer.

It’s amazing it took this long really, as footfall in places like Greenwich was always high enough to support one.

And I’m glad, as it’s always been the cheapest place to grab a cheap coffee with fast service. Sod you massive cups of milky rubbish, as a basic filter does me and Pret have always done it for below a quid – until now that is.

Funny thing is Pret is often held up as some sort of gentrifying force despite being the cheapest place for a coffee. Cheaper than any supermarket of branch of Spoons. Maybe the other coffee is ridiculously over the top price-wise, and salads looks a bit much but who cares? If you want a cheap coffee (and granted aren’t too fussed about quality in your rush for caffeine) Pret does the job. And now you can get one in Greenwich.



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “Pret a Manger overcome SE London aversion to open Greenwich branch

    • I imagine Pret’s did its research, but there is plenty of competition and with the pandemic not much in the way of passing trade.

      When I worked in the City, Pret’s was where I bought my lunch most days. Now that I am retired, Pret’s is the very occasional treat when I go north of the river.

    • I think it is good news for Greenwich I use Pret a Manger in Central London when in town or when I go to catch a train up North from Euston for work.

      As we come out of lockdowwn Greenwich will certainly have the footfall to make the new Greenwich branch a success. £1.25 is not a bad price to pay for a coffee. I have paid more for a tea or coffee. Competition can be good thing and help businesses to keep their prices competitive as will all want to hold on to their existing customers.

    • It’s good that we have one more Pret in SE London as Bromley or East Croydon are the nearest branches and further afield Bluewater.

      The sceptic in me thinks this is only happening because of tourist footfall in the area and not really to serve the local residents.

      If Pret really has got rid of their aversion to SE London we will hopefully see branches in Lewisham, Crystal Palace, North Greenwich and potentially Woolwich.

    • Indeed, they’re only coming to Greenwich for the tourism resurgence.

      They’re known for highly exploitative employment practices. There’s a number of articles, and a website on this if you google. I also wonder if they’ve repaid the millions of pounds of public money they took in Covid-19 grants yet.

    • @Casey, there’s a Pret’s in Bromley? I’ve never even noticed it. Then again, I don’t go to Bromley much these days.
      @Ballard, exploiting the workforce is the MO of business. Jeff Bezos didn’t amass all those billions by being fair to Amazon’s employees.

    • I do like Pret, and have always been a fan of their 99p filter coffee, I’m amazed that it is only now that they have put it up – to a still quite reasonable price for a cup of coffee. However nothing beats being able to support local independent coffee shops and food stalls, which Greenwich is currently awash with, It would be a real shame to see these businesses suffer at the hands of yet another chain.


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