Abbey Wood tower should finally commence construction

Abbey Wood tower should finally commence construction

Plans for a 22-storey tower and 245 homes in Abbey Wood could finally kick off after an injection of cash.

Little happened since developer HUB gained approval for the site over three years ago, and an announcement by the developer in September 2019 that work would shortly commence came to nothing. Now an announcement has been made of investment from CBRE Global Investors.

Tower site

The total level of “affordable” homes is 70 per cent, though there are no social homes and the “affordable” component is mostly shared ownership. This contravenes Greenwich housing policy which requires a mix of 70% social/affordable rented and 30% intermediate housing.

The site on Felixstowe Road is beside Sainsbury’s. In recent weeks plans have emerged for a tower next door on Lyndean industrial estate.

That plan would see 600 homes and towers up to 20 floors in height.

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3 thoughts on “Abbey Wood tower should finally commence construction

  1. Of course it contravenes Greenwich’s Housing Policy! That’s exactly what the Investment Group has been waiting on: Greenwich Council to cave, so they can do as they want! So predictable! Next, the Council will start blaming the Lockdown and Covid-19 for the “temporary suspension of Council Policy”!
    They ought to hang their head, but they know no shame!

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