Abbey Wood car theft video goes viral as numerous vehicles trashed

Hard to know how to start this post really as a video showing a car being “towed” away in a reported theft and subsequently smashing into numerous other vehicles is so off the wall it defies belief.

The incident occurred yesterday in Abbey Wood on Congress Road. Witnesses report the car was found dumped at Thistlebrook camp nearby.

The suspect was driving downhill away from McLeod Rad, and it’s a short distance towards busy Abbey Wood shops and a flyover.

Other local people have stated their cars were written off after being hit. Six were hit on Congress Road alone.

I actually thought it was fake when I first saw it, as did many others it appears. The video has now been viewed many thousands of times.

Anyone with information can contact police by calling 101.

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    3 thoughts on “Abbey Wood car theft video goes viral as numerous vehicles trashed

    • How much impunity does the culprit feel to do something so brazen? Abbey Wood feels lawless at times.

      The trouble is – and I’m not tarring everyone with the same brush here – but some on Thistlebrook feel they can do what they want as they can most of the time.

      The police finally did a big raid there six months ago but more needs doing. They uncovered a lot of dodgy goings on which was in the news like stolen dogs, puppy farms and guns – but still it continues. It shows the conditions and danger when the police only go in with dozens of vans and a helicopter above.

    • I’m sorry, but I nearly died laughing. That is incompetence on a grand scale. The thief managed to write off the car he was actually stealing. At least the owners of the damaged cars have video evidence, but the insurers will still find a way to clobber them nonetheless.

    • My neighbor had his Land Rover stolen in Thamesmead two days ago. Appears someone on the site is going for older cars which are getting higher in value. And they wonder why they have such a bad reputation??


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