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Abbey Wood, Thamesmead

Abbey Wood shops shut as Peabody development plans proceed

Chivas Chicken shop and a newsagent opposite Sainsbury’s in Abbey Wood have closed after being being issued with a Compulsory Purchase Order due to incoming redevelopment.

Peabody plan to demolish all buildings on the eastern facing part of Harrow Manorway.

Buildings on left to be demolished – petrol station coming later

All homes facing Harrow Manorway are now empty:

Demolition incoming

Peabody have yet to reveal detailed housing plans for this stretch with only outline permission – though this gives an impression:

An overview of the wider site can be seen here:

After years of delay Tavy Bridge’s new buildings are now rising and Binsey walk is coming down:

The finished article:

Whether this stage moves any quicker than Tavy Bridge remains to be seen.

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  1. Chris Nash

    One of the houses next door to these two shops had been hanging a sign from the upstairs window protesting against Peabody and the CPOs for the past several months. I’d be unhappy to lose my home, too (even with adequate compensation), especially as this row of houses/shops is clearly part of the same estate as the rest of Overton Road and predates the rest of Thamesmead by at least thirty years!

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