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Three hundred unopened bread loaves found in Thamesmead canal

Courtesy @ThamesmeadNow

Well, this is a weird one.

Workers in Thamesmead have dredged up 300 loaves of bread still unopened in plastic wrappers.

Of all the places to dispose of such a thing, which is odd to begin with, what kind of person does it in canal teeming with wildlife such as swans?

The workers do a fine job but the sheer amount of dumped rubbish is immense. Fortunately they appear to have some clues as to who did this.

Let’s just hope the tip off isn’t half-baked.

Damn – almost got there without a dire pun.

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  1. Plumstead Resident

    I hope they find the perpetrator and sue them to kingdom come!

  2. john webb

    do you mind if i send this to the Oldie’s ‘not many dead’ column?

  3. Leesa Ann

    What supermarket was the bread from?

  4. Karen Durrant

    yeah who do they think did this?? it could have been sent to a food bank or just given away free to customers, to chuck it in the water in plastic bags is ridiculous!!

  5. Hats off to the people who cleared these. I’m pretty sure that the SKU numbers will mean that the prior owners of the loaves can be traced.

    And any more puns and you’re toast….

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