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10+ artists to brighten up wall around new Lewisham development

Wall surround site

At least 10 artists are painting hoardings around a large development in Lewisham town centre this Monday bank holiday.

The wall has been criticised for being a bit of an eyesore before it was enlarged reducing pedestrian space. At least now it will be a bit easier on the eye.

A number of murals and artworks are planned including some by Lionel Stanhope who has painted many signs around SE London stations.

Lionel Stanhope work in Plumstead

I’ve long been a fan of murals and art to liven up public spaces. The more the merrier. I used to hope that local authorities and companies would work more closely with artists locally.


There hundreds at studios such as Woolwich Dockyard.

Ideal spot for a mural in Woolwich?

Hoarding in Lewisham surround a large site which will house a number of buildings including shops, homes and a cinema.

Approved early 2019

Piling is now underway on site.





  1. Graham

    I am with you Murky. Murals and art do brighten up public spaces and holdings etc.

    Also murals are far more colourful and pleasing to the eye than graffiti and gang signs all over the place which serve no purpose and are an eyesore.

    Local Authorities and Companies could work with artist and allow young artist to display there work.

    Some empty disused buildings could also be turned in to artist studios to help local artist.

  2. CDT

    It should look good when completed.The area certainly can do with some proper art work to brighten the area up,

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