Plans submitted to rebuild Blackheath tea hut

Plans have been submitted to rebuild the Blackheath tea hut which was destroyed after being hit by a car earlier this year.

A car ploughed into the hut causing injuries back in January. £5,000 was raised by local people to rebuild the hut and support the owners.

Wilson Architectural Building Designs worked on plans and submitted a design this week. It’s yet to appear on Lewisham Council’s planning page as of today but should appear soon. It’s believed it will be set back further from the road.

Ideas to move to a disused toilet do not appear to have advanced at least for now. That could be a longer term move. Opposition that some feared may come from local groups has not materialised.

The Blackheath Society had been known for opposition from some members in the early 2000s but support the rebuild.

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5 thoughts on “Plans submitted to rebuild Blackheath tea hut

  • When I worked late in the City I’d often take the last Lewisham train home and cut across the heath. The tea hut was the only place for miles to get a hot drink on the way home. Its a bit ramshackle but it’s only crime is that it attracts a rough crowd late at night, the kind that nearby respectable owners invest in heavy security and a nice part of town to avoid.

    While everyone has a right to live in a safe and peaceful environment, it’s rather shabby to deny a long-standing and famous (there was a DVD available on LoveFilm many years ago) institute a second shot at life. The charms of Animal Burger may not be to everyone’s taste (not to me either as I value my arteries) but it should be reinstalled and every member of Society be grateful there’s still a little bit of history left, however aesthetically offensive it may be.

  • It is good news that the planning application has now been submitted to re-build the tea hut.

    A lot of people that used to use the hut at night were night workers, taxi drivers, mini cab drivers, bikers, car clubs etc who used to meet for a cuppa and a bite to eat.

  • The Tea Hut is also looking to move across the main road into the disused toilet block which would be a much better location.

  • Has the planning application appeared on the Lewisham Planning Portal yet?

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