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New flats proposed at rear of Eltham High Street

Plans are in for a small block of flats on an area of land to the rear of Eltham High Street.

The proposed block is situated behind 92-94 Eltham High Street and currently a small private car park accessed via Passey Place. A public path runs alongside.

Public path alongside site to High Street

New homes here will improve the experience for pedestrians heading off the High Street between Boots & WH Smiths.

Car park behind fencing on the right

The path is currently pretty gloomy and isolated when heading from the High Street towards existing homes.

New flats next to existing homes

Eight flats are proposed in total. While not a big development, numerous infill projects such as these have increased resident numbers across a number of High Streets in recent years.

Plans can be viewed here.


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  1. Graham

    I think these news flats will improve the area and make it safer for local residents residents and people walking to and from Eltham High Street.

    More High Streets are seeing new developments being built on them along side existing buildings or built in close proximity to them as is this development.

    I hope planning permission for this development is granted soon.

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