Housing block proposed near Eltham High Street with 74 flats

Plans are in for 74 flats on a slither of land near Eltham High Street on Southend Crescent. Clarion Housing Group & Quanta Homes are the developers.

Clarion Housing Group who is the largest housing association in the UK and the result of a merger between Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing Group.

The site is currently home to a removals business.

What the planning submission reveals – and this will be touched upon soon in a further post – is that delays in consultation from the Planning Department on a crucial element of the borough-wide Local Plan have occurred which have made these plans difficult to progress with certainty.

These delays on an integral part of planning guidance for developers could have large repercussions in all areas of the borough. It’s a crucial document which determines what type of developments occur on every site in the borough.

The Planning Department also did not offer guidance to developers:

CABE’s Design Review Panel is a good tool to guide quality design but Council planning officers should be able to provide clear guidance in addition.


Buildings range from two to five floors. The so-called “affordable” quota is 35%, of which 62% is social housing, which is slightly below Greenwich Council’s target of 70%.

Ten car parking spaces would be provided which conforms to guidance regarding Town Centre sites. This will no doubt raise some criticism and concern for residents in surrounding areas, though the argument is made that a parking space for every flat (or even more) is not sustainable in a city which has a population rising by 100,000 every year and heading to 10 million people.

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3 thoughts on “Housing block proposed near Eltham High Street with 74 flats

  • Interesting that this is a low rise development and I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with the council leader living in Eltham. Hush, that is an unworthy thought.

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  • While i welcome the site development, i also see that there is as usual little provision for parking, there is no doubt in my mind that any development should embrace car parking, One parking bay should be avalable for each dwelling, as we move to different fuel types,eg Electric, people want the choice of transport. This will put further burden on the existing parking issues Eltham already has. and was not addressed over the years, and is why eltham will not flourish into the town it could be. “good parking will bring good business”


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