Revised plan for 70 flats near Eltham High Street

Plans are in for 70 flats on land between Eltham High Street and Southend Crescent.

Back in 2018 I covered plans for 74 flats on site. Those plans are now revised in this recent application. The application proposes 4000 sqm of commercial floorspace, which they claim will generate between 30-50 full time jobs.

Overview of site

As before, 35 per cent will be “affordable”. The application states that Greenwich have failed to meet housing targets in previous years which could sway any decision in favour of approval. I covered failures to meet targets in a post before Christmas.

Charlton Sainsburys – based on 2012 masterplan that didn’t push mixed-use on site. Impacts now being felt

Failing to build mixed-use development in sites such as Charlton retail parks has repercussions borough-wide. Last year the borough was 700 homes short which equated to meeting just 63 per cent of current targets under the London Plan.

New plans for Eltham

It will be a predominantly car free development, which shouldn’t be an issue if enforcement occurs in surrounding streets. There’s a large number of bus routes nearby and ever fewer younger people now drive, which the flats will be aimed at.

The plan states it’s a six minute cycle rise to Eltham station. True as that may be, riding along Eltham High Street along unprotected paths with cars frequently parked isn’t the most enticing option.

Unprotected lane as part of recent street upgrade

This plan has addressed some concerns with the previous application and does have a decent chance of approval – though Greenwich Council do seem to reject more proposals in Eltham than other parts of the borough. If they do reject, an appeal win is likely given the failure to hit targets in recent years.

Click here to view plans.

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One thought on “Revised plan for 70 flats near Eltham High Street

  • Mixed developments of retai/commercial sapce at ground level and flats above do really seem to work well and have been very suuccessdful elsewhere.

    However, it would be nice to see more blocks of flats built soley to rent at affordable rents.

    As people struugle to get mortgages and cannot afford part rent part buy on local incomes. As the rent element after paying the mortgage payment still remains quiet high under the part buy/part rent scheme.

    I am really pleased to know that the retail/commerical space whether shops or offices will create between 30 to 50 new jobs which are always welcome. Being located at the end of Eltham High Street they are in an ideal location for public transport, restaurants, shops and other amenities.


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