Council wardens return to Eltham High Street

Council wardens return to Eltham High Street

Greenwich Council have announced that council wardens will head back to patrol Eltham High Street after a number of incidents in recent months.

Wardens were moved from Eltham to Plumstead High Street in 2017.

Back in time for new cinema opening

The only place wardens are seen daily is in Woolwich town centre though effectiveness is often questioned. Despite a presence at General Gordon Square businesses had to put up with many months of anti social behavior.

New shift patterns will see staff at Woolwich, Eltham, Plumstead and Greenwich. But are they any real compensation for police which have been cut back heavily?


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2 thoughts on “Council wardens return to Eltham High Street

  1. I do feel that Eltham High Street does need to be monitored by Wardens due to the large amount of incidents that have taken place in the area of the last few months. With the Vue Cinema due to open later this month we are expecting more visitors to Eltham HIgh Street.

    You are right they do not make up for the lack of Police in the area. But a Warden presence is better than no presence at all. But they do need to have quick access to calling the emergency services including Police and ambulance if urgent assistance required when an incident takes place.

  2. Crazy that the Eltham police station has been closed. The crime in Eltham is on the rise / just look at the figures. Rarely see police in Eltham – at least Street wardens will help

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