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Deptford High Street pedestrian measures failing?

Courtesy Darian Thomson. Parking soon returned to Deptford High Street

Two days after temporary measures were installed on Deptford High Street and some complaints have emerged about design.

On a Saturday afternoon we see numerous vehicles parked along the street including some on paving and between a gap between barriers. One shop has used newly created space to put more products outside restricting pavement width.

First day of installation. Courtesy Lewisham Labour Cllr (Brockley) Sophie McGeevor

Yesterday some raised the issue that sand or water was not placed inside barriers making them easier to dislodge.

Lewisham were often pretty poor with enforcement as it is.

Should this busy shopping street have been closed entirely? Or with limited opening for certain vehicles and closed during busy Saturday afternoons?

Of course some people will ignore two metre guidance regardless, but for those who want to at least try and stick to it, it’d be nice if they could avoid numerous obstacles.


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  1. Actually, there is usually a high prescence of parking wardens on the high street. Obviously, these measures haven’t been full thought out and I would expect adjustments to mitigate the current disorder.

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