Lewisham Council reveal new Deptford cycle lane plan

A consultation has been launched by Lewisham Council on plans for a cycle lane running down Deptford Church Street.

The authority have created a webpage highlighting details and a timeframe. Work would begin in mid 2024 for completion in 2025.

Proposals in Deptford. Click to enlarge

This proposed lane would connect with Cycleway 4 at its northern end, which runs from Greenwich along Creek Road towards central London.

Deptford Church Street has been narrowed for many years due to Thames Tideway work. This project sees a permanent narrowing from two lanes to one.

Other changes include traffic lights installed at the junctions of Deptford Church Street with Coffey Street, Giffin Street and Reginald Road.

Thames Tideway work has narrowed road for some years. When that completes restoration of green space to take place

When Cycleway 4 was under consultation by Transport for London, Lewisham Council requested a spur onto Deptford Church Street to link to a future segregated lane heading south to Deptford Broadway.

Greenwich Council at the time responded seeking to keep guardrails.


The new lane would pass close to a number of housing sites both new and proposed.

One is at Number 1 Creekside. Over the past year other plans have been revealed and covered on this site including 231 student rooms submitted in April 2023.

APT studios. New housing plans on site. 1 Creekside (now complete) seen to rear

Next door there’s a plan to build 38 new homes at 3 Creekside, submitted in March 2023.

Redevelopment at the former Tidemill School is also seeing over 200 homes. There’s also proposals to build new homes beside and above the Bird’s Nest pub.

Proposed development. Cycle lane proposed in foreground running left to right in this view

Plans for homes at Sun Wharf beside the creek total 220 flats, with recent details on demolition of existing buildings on site being submitted.

Much of those new homes at various sites are car-free.

you can view and comment on plans by clicking here.


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3 thoughts on “Lewisham Council reveal new Deptford cycle lane plan

  • This is crazy more cycle lanes will cause more traffic and pollution
    Lewisham council likes to waste tax payers money

    • They unlikely to retrieve funding for projects if there is a lack of cycle infrastructure or active travel within their strategic proposals. Way of the world Jeetesh. Asides Deptford Church Street is actually wide enough to accommodate such proposals without impacting much vehicular traffic.

    • Good quality cycle routes reduce traffic. Every extra cyclist on a bike is potentially one less car on the road.


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