Teen arrested after spitting at bus driver in Bexleyheath Broadway

An 18 year old has been arrested today (29th April) after spitting at a bus driver in Bexleyheath Broadway.

The incident occurred on 25th March – which was two days after lockdown was implemented in the UK. The incident occurred after the man was refused entry while attempting to use a bank card which didn’t work.

Since then plastic panels beside drivers have had holes filled, though this was not the case at that time.

The suspect was tracked using on-board cameras and arrested today. He is being held at a south London police station.


By the way, the News Shopper have again simply lifted this story without linking to the source – in this case the Met Police. They want to charge people to access their site despite receiving public funds. Indeed, if you see this on their site they are pleading poverty. The companies owner reported a profit of £108 million in their latest results.

The latest support for the company is a Government advertising fund denied to local independent websites. That’s something worth covering in a future post.


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7 thoughts on “Teen arrested after spitting at bus driver in Bexleyheath Broadway

  • So pleased that the teen has been traced and arrested, What a viilal disgusting habit, At 18 he really should know better.

    I hope the bus driver is okay and did not suffer any ill effects after this appalling incident,

    With regard to the News Shopper it is now mainly for adverts with very little worthy news stories.

    I do believe sites likes this site Murky and fellow journalist 853 give much better news with more facts and information that we just do not get from anywhere else. I have said this many times before.

    • Oh they know well enough, they just don’t care. There’s always a few wherever you go, talking about their rights instead of their duties and demanding respect without returning it.

      As for the spitter he should be charged with bioterrorism. They give lads 20+yrs for just reading bomb manuals and extremist websites: spitting on a person during the coronavirus pandemic is a deliberate attempt to infect and possibly kill someone if you know you’re infected, and an attempt to frighten or terrorise if you know you’re not. Glad to see that they actually went after the scumbag. Now if only the paywall around the news shopper site could seal it off and let it die we’d have two for two

  • I totally and fully agree with both CDT and Charles Calthrop so pleased this low life has now been arrested.

    Yep a very serious charge must be brought against him as outlined by Charles.

    Also agree on the comments regarding the News Shopper.

    • Was not this vile animal arrested for a robbery, and assault of a vulnerable person, earlier this month?
      Why is he on the street? He obviously has a mental illness, as well as other things wrong with him…I mean, just look at him! The boy ain’t right!

      I have stopped reading Newsshopper, and will not support their theft of others work any longer!

  • In the spirit of treating people to the high standards that they would like to be treated, the gentleman (NOT) should be taken, without delay, to intensive care to help tend the Covid patients. Ensuring he puts in the long hours, wearing no PPE. At a time like this it would be against his human rights to deny him the ability to see the possible outcome of his exemplary behaviour.

  • This was a month ago, why is this now in the local newsarticle.

    • It clearly states the suspect was arrested yesterday.


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