Erith man avoids jail after cracking woman’s skull in Sidcup street

A man from Erith has avoided prison after assaulting a woman on a Sidcup street.

Billy Hibberd, 31, of Frobisher Road in Erith, was sentenced to nine months – suspended for two years – after being found guilty of actual bodily harm.

On 20th May 2020 a group of young people were walking along North Cray Road in Sidcup when they were approached by Hibberd who was acting aggressively.

Police state: “He had previously approached the group in a nearby park where he confronted them about comments he believed they had made about his relative.

A 19-year-old woman, who was part of the group, asked Hibberd to leave them alone. He then became more aggressive and punched the victim in the face. She was knocked unconscious causing her to fall to the ground.

Other members of the group took her home to her parents, who called an ambulance. She was taken to hospital where it was established she had suffered a broken collar bone and a cracked skull.

Officers begun an investigation to track down the man responsible, which included sharing a CCTV image of the suspect. This led to Hibberd being identified and arrested in connection with the incident.”

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10 thoughts on “Erith man avoids jail after cracking woman’s skull in Sidcup street

  • unbeleivable…oh wait, that’s the UK so normal!! what was his punishment then??!!

  • However, we don’t know what comments had been made about his relatives. People can be verbally very cruel. I’m not in any way condoning what he did but sometimes it would be better if people kept their mouths shut.

  • Those comments, whatever they were, do not justify ‘a broken collar bone and a cracked skull.’ I can’t believe that you are seeking to in any way justify this vicious attack.

  • I did say that I’m not condonng what he did but it would save a lot of trouble if people were a lot nicer if they HAVE to comment on subjects that don’t concern them. I abhor violence .


  • He should have received a custodial sentence. What is the matter with our Judges and Magistrates these days.

  • Absolutely agree the sentence is far too lenient this poor young women could have lost her life. I hope the poor victim can rebuild her life. and move on from this vicious attack.

  • I suppose in a way we now know why GG Square is closed… deterrent.

  • It might be possible to make an appeal to the Attorney General on the grounds of an ‘unduly lenient sentence.’

  • But unlike all of us, the magistrate will have heard all the evidence and heard (likely) from the victim, witnesses and perpetrator. And made an informed decision on the back of that.

    We are basing it on snippets from either a press reporter at the courts and/or press releases.

  • Magistrates do not have legal training and do not even require qualifications of any sort. I don’t think a case of actual bodily harm is one that should be heard in front of a magistrate. If this case was, indeed, heard in a Magistrates’ court, then there is no recourse to an appeal to the Attorney general.


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